The Belgian Cannabis Social Club landscape

Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to map the presence of the Cannabis Social Club (CSC) model in Belgium since its emergence in the country and to analyze the inter-organizational relations among CSCs and between the CSCs and other supportive actors engaged in the wider cannabis movement. Design/methodology/approach – This analysis draws on qualitative interviews (n1⁄442) with directors of seven currently active and one former Belgian CSC(s), as well as with organizations or individuals reportedly collaborating with the Belgian CSCs. That data are complemented by fieldwork observations and a review of CSC internal documents.

Manual To Create Cannabis Social Clubs


Cannabis Social Clubs are associations of citizens who organise the cultivation of a limited amount of cannabis to satisfy their personal needs. They establish a closed circuit of production, distribution and consumption in agreement with legal standards that are valid in their country.

How to Start a Cannabis Social Club? by Joep Oomen


Presentation by Joep Oomen at Cannafest Prague 2014.


Code of Conduct for European Cannabis Social Clubs

Herewith Encod presents a code of conduct for European Cannabis Social Clubs. This code has been elaborated by Encod members in Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom. Some of them are currently involved in Cannabis Social Clubs that operate legally in their country, others are involved in the preparation of CSC’s that will be established once the legislation on cultivation of cannabis for personal use allows for this. To know more, please contact Encod.

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